Here is a tentative list of documentation sites


Sites of collections of works of art

Web Gallery of Art


The famous Hungarian site includes an exceptional collection of paintings

 Photos RMN

The French ”Réunion des Musées Nationaux” presents its highly valuable collections.

 In secula

A French site « Guide intégral du voyageur ». A cultural site with a wealth of works of art of high quality and always with excellent references.

CGFA - A Virtual Art Museum

A Danish extensive site of excellent quality.

Olga's Gallery - Online Art Museum

A very large collection, quite original for Russian museums, but the site is cluttered with advertisements.

Giorgio Vasari, Lives of the Artists  

A site presenting the works of artists cited by Vasari.

 Art Sacré

Thematic studies on sacred art.

Art et Bible

A French site of Maurice Lamouroux,  with a biblical classification

Pitts Library

The Kessler Collection includes a great number of woodcuts dating back to the Reformation in Germany. It is the site of the faculty of theology of Emory University, Georgia, USA.

Art roman

A collection of sculptures and paintings with a classification based on locations.

The great on-line museums

 The Museum Meermanno, The Haye

The site of the Royal Library of the Low Countries with a wealth of miniatures.

 National Gallery London  

Hermitage Museum St Petersburg

An exceptional site but the works are not always directly accessible.

Tate on line

The site of the Tate Gallery, London

Musée du Louvre  
 National Gallery Washington  
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam  
Christus Rex

The site of the Vatican with all its collections; but the quality of the iconography is sometimes poor.

Paul Getty trust

The private museum of the famous collector of Los Angeles, California.


The Bible

The  Holy Bible

King James Version

 Bible gateway

20 versions online of the Bible

The New Jerusalem Bible

The New Jerusalem Bible (NJB) is a Catholic translation of the Bible published in 1985.